Starting of Jolly

On a tropical afternoon in 1979 a father listened to his children’s enthusiastic discussion about the impending opening of an injection molding factory in the south of Taiwan.

The father knew that it would be essential to guide his still young children so that they understood and applied the ethical standards necessary to build a successful corporation.  With the father’s guidance the children structured their new business in such a way that the company and family ties could grow and prosper. In this corporation there was no room for selfishness or greed.

The father expressed his wish that “ in all situations the decisions of the company would be reached harmoniously and family efforts would not only contribute to company profit, but also create value for society as a whole and eventually make the new factory a JOLLY place to work.

Ever since that family meeting, JOLLY has always focused on corporate harmony, cooperation, and ethical business values. For over thirty years corporate ethics and values remain more important than ever.